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Summer 2020 Update: Tours Suspended

Indiana Raptor Center has made the decision to suspend our on-site tour programming for the duration of the summer, and possibly for the rest of 2020.

While we are grateful to be in one of the 14 states that has reasonable control over Covid transmission, we still respect the science enough to be respectful of the health of our volunteers and any would be tour guests. That plus the uncomfortable and early 90+ heat makes conditions for a comfortable and safe tour questionable at this time. These temperatures are more usual in August which is why we never have on-site tours in August. But here we are now so adjustments have been made.

We recognize that education both on and off-site is a significant part of our mission, and we are grateful for the interest shown in our message. However in addition to on-site tours, our off-site clients have agreed that presentations need to be put on hold, at least until Indiana decides what to do about school attendance. Our current focus continues to be on the rehabilitation of the high number of patients and residents we care for (145) so far this year.

This situation does have an effect on our bottom line (read: food bills, vet care, and site maintenance) so we will gladly accept donations through this website to support us through 2020. Tax letters will be supplied to all donors.

Thanks for your continued support of our center. An update to the website is in the works, and we are hoping to have videos, individual patient information, and a Zoom or YouTube program that will replace our big fundraising event this fall. We are also discussing possible on-line T-shirt sales. Like so many other organizations we want to keep in touch so some creativity is in order – check back to see what happens!

Resuming Limited Tours at the Indiana Raptor Center

Indiana Raptor Center Board of Directors, in cooperation with organizations that had planned to have us give presentations between now and the end of 2020, have together cancelled ALL off-site presentations until 2021. This includes all camps, libraries, Brown County State Park, workshops, festivals, schools, and any other park or state forest requests.

We will be giving a LIMITED number of tours through July, and maybe September and October, but will close immediately if the covid-19 counts in Brown County and in the state of Indiana start to go back up.

We have several requests already for tours and will respond to those people with phone calls to schedule them first. There are some restrictions we do need to place on these activities as follows:

  1. To respect social distancing recommendations, tours may contain no more than 10 guests.
  2. In order to accommodate people over the short summer we will be having, we may need to combine groups of people into a single tour. If you are uncomfortable with this arrangement, we can do tours of 2-3 people, etc.
  3. ALL GUESTS MUST WEAR MASKS DURING THE TOURS. Please bring your own or purchase them at the CVS in town (available on a limited basis).
  4. People arriving without masks will be rescheduled.
  5. Please bring your own HAND SANITIZER – right now supplies are such that we struggle to even provide enough for our volunteers while they are here.
  6. As usual tours are only available BY APPOINTMENT.
  7. Tours cannot include children under the age of 6, and all children must wear masks as well.
  8. Also as usual, the address of the center and other pertinent information will be given out at the time that reservations are made.
  9. There are no public restrooms at the center, but we can recommend in town the public restrooms on main street and the BP gas station.

To those who find these rules restrictive, may I point out that the center is not on business property but is located on private property containing the home of two of the board’s officers. We hope you can respect our desire to keep our home covid-free, especially as our family contains members with compromising conditions such as diabetes. We also want to protect YOU from other people who may be on the property at the same time.

Please call for further information and reservations at 812-988-8990.

COVID-19 Update

Due to public and governmental concerns regarding the continued spread of COVID-19, the Indiana Raptor Center will not open this month (March) for tours. We intend to open back up for tours around May 26 which is Memorial Day weekend. On May 1 the board will consult again based on information available at that time to see if the opening date needs to be pushed out further. Planned off-site presentations will be considered on a one-off basis, but probably will be called off until at least May 1. Please watch this space for further developments.

We appreciate your patience with this decision and hope that all of you and your friends, families and colleagues can remain healthy and safe during this time of difficulty for people everywhere. May we all be kind to one another in the face of this health threat to the entire world, and take seriously all calls for caution and restraint in public interactions.

We will continue to take in injured birds. If that decision changes temporarily, we will notify through the website and a voicemail message at our 812-988-8990 number.

All actions will be taken with staff, visitors, off-site audiences, bird finders, and birds in mind.

Very Best Regards,

Patti Reynolds

Presient & Executive Director

Indiana Raptor Center Inc

Indiana Raptor Center Tours: 2018 Information

[Updated 5/3/18 to reflect new pricing and time information]

Taki the Eurasian Eagle Owl

Indiana Raptor Center is happy to welcome the public to tour our Nashville, Indiana facilities.

Tours are held from 3-4pm daily, by reservation only. You can make a tour reservation by calling us at 812-988-8990. Tours available March through July, September through November, and during December, weather permitting. Adult admission is $10; Children age 6-12 are $7 each.

In order to ensure the safety of our resident birds of prey and visitors, no children under the age of 6, please. All ages are welcome at our frequent presentations at Brown County State Park’s Nature Center and Abe Martin Lodge, however! Please check back soon for our schedule of presentations for 2018 and be sure to follow us on Facebook, too!

An Important Note About Tours

Due to a heavier than normal patient load for this time of year, the Indiana Raptor Center will be closed for tours after Thanksgiving. Patients will still be accepted as usual. We will reopen for tours in March of 2017. Since our tours are a totally outdoor experience, we are normally closed in January, February, and August every year due to weather concerns (snow, road conditions to get here, cold, and heat in August) and stress on the birds (heat in August, plus a needed break in their programming schedules).

We will be open for tours from March thru July, and from September thru December, in 2017. Tours are available during these months in the afternoons from 1-5PM. Please contact us through this website (email or phone) for reservations. Offsite programs may continue to be arranged year-round at your school, museum, meeting place, or other venue.

Photo of Indiana Raptor Center board member Domonic Potorti and Elmo the Barred Owl educate the campers at Happy Hollow in Brown County, IN.

InRC board member Domonic Potorti and Elmo the Barred Owl educate the campers at Happy Hollow in Brown County, IN.

C14, Indiana’s oldest Bald Eagle

Where were you in July of 1987?

C14,  Indiana's oldest Bald Eagle, held by a staff member at Indiana Raptor Center.

C14, Indiana’s oldest Bald Eagle in the care of Indiana Raptor Center.

This bald eagle was being hacked, or prepared for release to the wild, in an area near Lake Monroe, Indiana. Bands have identified this eagle as C14, the oldest eagle ever recorded in Indiana at the ripe old age of 28 years, 9 months! He was banded as a youngster on July 13, 1987, during the third year of eagle reintroduction efforts by the Indiana DNR.

C14 was admitted to Indiana Raptor Center on Friday, April 15 after being found at the confluence of the Eel and White River grounded by a severe shoulder dislocate and resulting emaciation. Since then, he has been gaining weight. We began treatment with tube feedings, pain medications, and anti-inflammatories. We put his wing in a harness-type sling to stabilize his dislocated shoulder. We also took care to clean and top dress a few facial lacerations, as they were close to the sinus area. After a week, C14 progressed from tube feedings to whole food with little feather or fur, and we continue to monitor him closely. It is likely that C14 will not be able to be released to the wild, but as long as he is able to eat and not in pain, he will live out his days in human care.

We salute this eagle for courage and intelligence to have survived so long in the wild. To think of the young he has raised, the weather he has endured, challenges from other eagles and human encroachment: it is truly a miracle!

Stay tuned at our Facebook page and as ever, your help is appreciated! Your donation will go directly to caring for C14 and birds like him. Learn more about C14 from the Indiana DNR.

C14,  Indiana's oldest Bald Eagle , eats a solid meal.

C14, Indiana’s oldest Bald Eagle , eats a solid meal.