Summer 2020 Update: Tours Suspended

Indiana Raptor Center has made the decision to suspend our on-site tour programming for the duration of the summer, and possibly for the rest of 2020.

While we are grateful to be in one of the 14 states that has reasonable control over Covid transmission, we still respect the science enough to be respectful of the health of our volunteers and any would be tour guests. That plus the uncomfortable and early 90+ heat makes conditions for a comfortable and safe tour questionable at this time. These temperatures are more usual in August which is why we never have on-site tours in August. But here we are now so adjustments have been made.

We recognize that education both on and off-site is a significant part of our mission, and we are grateful for the interest shown in our message. However in addition to on-site tours, our off-site clients have agreed that presentations need to be put on hold, at least until Indiana decides what to do about school attendance. Our current focus continues to be on the rehabilitation of the high number of patients and residents we care for (145) so far this year.

This situation does have an effect on our bottom line (read: food bills, vet care, and site maintenance) so we will gladly accept donations through this website to support us through 2020. Tax letters will be supplied to all donors.

Thanks for your continued support of our center. An update to the website is in the works, and we are hoping to have videos, individual patient information, and a Zoom or YouTube program that will replace our big fundraising event this fall. We are also discussing possible on-line T-shirt sales. Like so many other organizations we want to keep in touch so some creativity is in order – check back to see what happens!

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