Resuming Limited Tours at the Indiana Raptor Center

Indiana Raptor Center Board of Directors, in cooperation with organizations that had planned to have us give presentations between now and the end of 2020, have together cancelled ALL off-site presentations until 2021. This includes all camps, libraries, Brown County State Park, workshops, festivals, schools, and any other park or state forest requests.

We will be giving a LIMITED number of tours through July, and maybe September and October, but will close immediately if the covid-19 counts in Brown County and in the state of Indiana start to go back up.

We have several requests already for tours and will respond to those people with phone calls to schedule them first. There are some restrictions we do need to place on these activities as follows:

  1. To respect social distancing recommendations, tours may contain no more than 10 guests.
  2. In order to accommodate people over the short summer we will be having, we may need to combine groups of people into a single tour. If you are uncomfortable with this arrangement, we can do tours of 2-3 people, etc.
  3. ALL GUESTS MUST WEAR MASKS DURING THE TOURS. Please bring your own or purchase them at the CVS in town (available on a limited basis).
  4. People arriving without masks will be rescheduled.
  5. Please bring your own HAND SANITIZER – right now supplies are such that we struggle to even provide enough for our volunteers while they are here.
  6. As usual tours are only available BY APPOINTMENT.
  7. Tours cannot include children under the age of 6, and all children must wear masks as well.
  8. Also as usual, the address of the center and other pertinent information will be given out at the time that reservations are made.
  9. There are no public restrooms at the center, but we can recommend in town the public restrooms on main street and the BP gas station.

To those who find these rules restrictive, may I point out that the center is not on business property but is located on private property containing the home of two of the board’s officers. We hope you can respect our desire to keep our home covid-free, especially as our family contains members with compromising conditions such as diabetes. We also want to protect YOU from other people who may be on the property at the same time.

Please call for further information and reservations at 812-988-8990.

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