COVID-19 Update

Due to public and governmental concerns regarding the continued spread of COVID-19, the Indiana Raptor Center will not open this month (March) for tours. We intend to open back up for tours around May 26 which is Memorial Day weekend. On May 1 the board will consult again based on information available at that time to see if the opening date needs to be pushed out further. Planned off-site presentations will be considered on a one-off basis, but probably will be called off until at least May 1. Please watch this space for further developments.

We appreciate your patience with this decision and hope that all of you and your friends, families and colleagues can remain healthy and safe during this time of difficulty for people everywhere. May we all be kind to one another in the face of this health threat to the entire world, and take seriously all calls for caution and restraint in public interactions.

We will continue to take in injured birds. If that decision changes temporarily, we will notify through the website and a voicemail message at our 812-988-8990 number.

All actions will be taken with staff, visitors, off-site audiences, bird finders, and birds in mind.

Very Best Regards,

Patti Reynolds

Presient & Executive Director

Indiana Raptor Center Inc

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